Usful Info - The Żuławy Ring and The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal

Usful Info - The Żuławy Ring and The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal


The cruise begins and ends in the RYBINA Marina GPS: 54°17'07.6"N 19°06'51.7"E - convenient driving access (a car park), we can arrange the transfer from the railway station and airport in Gdańsk. Near the Marina (ca. 100m) there are groceries / general stores (also open on Saturdays and Sundays until late, which enables shopping right before the cruise). 

You may also do your shopping en route, most of the stores (usually open until late night) are located near the waterway.

A standard charter is for 7 days (and multiplicity of 7 days) - from a Sunday 12.00 noon to a Saturday 12.00 noon (individually we can fix shorter or longer duration of the cruises) 


Rybina - Elbląg - Malbork - Gniew - Tczew - Gdańsk - Rybina, 
ca. 200 km, ideal for 7 days

Rybina - Elbląg - The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal – Iława and/or Ostróda  - Elbląg - Malbork -Gniew - Tczew - Gdańsk - Rybina,  ca. 340-500 km, ideal for 14 days 

Rybina - Elbląg - The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal – Iława and/or Ostróda  - Elbląg - Rybina, 
ca. 200-320 km, ideal for 7-14 days 

The map of recommended routes (PDF)

It is not a problem to explore the recommended routes within the suggested time limit and it is no tiring, there is always enough time for relaxation and admiring the unusual nature or seeing the numerous sight-seeing values of the region (magnificent towns and cities, interesting historical objects, hydro-engineering structures - canal locks, drawbridges and a lot of other items) 

The area has a good tourist infrastructure (including the aquatic one) that will be largely developed soon, as part of the project co-funded by the EU. 

The amended regulations concerning the licenses required for steering motor boats have allowed us to charter the yachts without a license. Thanks to the use of the so-called pulling boat engines we are capable of maintaining the existing operation parameters. Simply speaking, we may compare the yacht's pulling engine to an off-road car with a power reducer. Therefore, our engines perfectly prove themselves on rivers. 

Prior to the cruise start, we organize a 2-5 -hour training for you, after which you will be able to steer the yachts yourselves. However, if somebody does not feel fit to steer the yacht and does not want to do it, they may hire a skipper 

The charteree will be provided with precise maps and sailing directions in Polish, English and German, including valuable organizational and tourist tips. 

We provide a full scope of technical assistance and logistic support en route. 

The yachts have full insurance coverage in the scope of CASCO [Comprehensive Insurance]; OC [civil Liability] of the skipper.

Each yacht has comfortable sleeping places for 6-7 people (each participant will be provided with a sleeping bag and a blanket) and cabinets to put the clothes and personal things in. 

The yachts assure the complete comfort during the long trip - the standard facilities, in addition to a WC and shower with hot water, include central heating from, fully furnished kitchen with a refrigerator, hot and cold water and the dishes. Thanks to the large fuel and water tanks provided, the vessels are practically self-sufficient Yachts.

However, if someone gets tired with the camping life, they may use one of the hotels, inns or camping sites located ashore, cooperating with us and take a shower or stay overnight there, instead aboard the yacht. 

Each vessel is also equipped with everything that is necessary in water, including  the complete set (for all the passengers) of bicycles* to do sightseeing after landing (AGAINST EXTRA PAYMENT). 
*the charters on the Ostróda-Elbląg Canal are without the bicycles due to the low bridges  

We offer you LAST MINUTE super prices. 

What do you have to take with you for the cruise ?
Please, find below the list of basic equipment recommended by us. Of course, this is not all ...

  • Warm clothes - polar jackets/jumpers, trousers, etc., cap, gloves
  • Waterproof coats, jackets and trousers
  • Hot weather clothes
  • Sunglasses and sun cap
  • Sun tan cream
  • Shoes to walk in water, slides or trainers (the bottom is sandy, but sometimes you must walk on stones - you will need protection against cutting your feet)
  • Sleeping bag cases (the sleeping bags and blankets are provided)
  • Wellingtons (if you have)