The Żuławy Ring

The Żuławy Ring

The Żuławy Ring Trail provides the water sports enthusiasts with a unique one-way offer – we return to the base in Rybina without repeating the same route. Travelling along the 200 km trail within one week is not a problem and it is not tiring – cruising at optimum marching speed of 8,5 – 9 km/h takes about 25 hours, i.e. maximum a few hours a day. On the way we pass interesting, in terms of hydro-engineering, locks and drawbridges, which is an additional attraction of our journey. However, there is always time for relaxation and admiring the unusual wildlife of this piece of Poland, located below the sea level. It happens that we sometimes sail above the fields surrounding us, which are located in the depressed land. To those who need silence and peace we offer layovers at the wild, picturesque river banks. The Żuławy rivers are perfect for swimming and berthing near the coast we may reach the Baltic Sea beaches and swim in the salt water for a change. We will also have enough time to become familiar with the numerous tourist and sight-seeing attractions of the region. After berthing in one of the spacey and well arranged marinas (furnished with full infrastructure, i.e. toilets, showers, water intakes and connections to power supply for the yachts), we may go to the town. There are interesting historical places, museums, galleries awaiting us and climatic cafés and restaurants also serving local cuisine. Therefore, Żuławy is an ideal place for family holiday. While visiting the majestic Gothic churches and Teutonic Knights castles or mysterious arcade houses, the children may learn about the history, having a good time and in addition they may go crazy in family amusement parks and admire the polder landscape from a narrow-gauge train car. However, the most important thing is the common houseboat cruise, on board of which, while doing the water sport duties – we function as the crew and experience the unusual Żuławy adventure together. 

Żuławy. The romantic land in the North of Poland, veiled in the spirit of mystery, the secret of its own history, called "Polish Netherlands" where "everything is associated with water". The drainage network, like the blood vascular system, keeps alive the areas located down to 2 m below the sea level. The terp hills - artificially made - elevate the houses to protect them against flooding. The willows with heads trimmed every year help to dry the fertile soil. The hydro-engineering equipment still remembering the quiet Dutch Mennonites have been working unbreakably for ages in order to keep the capricious life of Żuławy under control.

The map of recommended routes (PDF)

Żuławy - Landscape not only for a connoiseur ...