New! The Middle Vistula

New! The Middle Vistula

New! The Middle Vistula – individual charters from base in Płock

Discover the last wild river in Europe!

The extraordinary character of the Vistula is in the fact that, despite the dynamic growth of civilization, the river remained wild, virgin and, in a sense, inaccessible. It resembles a natural oasis in the heart of the concrete, glass and aluminum desert that Poland is becoming, like other industrialized countries. Most European rivers were regulated, cascaded and their banks were mostly “grasped” in tight concrete corsets. It is only on the Vistula that we may find the riverbank flora characteristic for big rivers: from thickets to marshy meadow woods (built by willows, poplars and ash-trees). The eco-systems are recognized as unique in terms of the fauna and flora species
variety and richness as well as its complex structure!

Wild nature, birwatching ...

The middle section of the Vistula is distinguished in terms of natural values ​​thanks to its natural character. The river flows here at a width of 600 to 1200 m. The bird's eye view is amazing with its mosaic of sand, water and greenery, made up of shoals, rays and clumps in its trough. The view of the river bed is constantly changing - the sandy islands are destroyed, and then they are created elsewhere. As a thorough observer of wildlife, although a total laic in the ornithological field, I must add that the variety of birds nesting on the Vistula also made a shocking impression on me. The most astonishing thing is the short distance from which an average, uneducated tourist may observe the flying specimens.

Exciting angling ...

Real angling lovers emphasize that it is only angling on the river that may give you real emotions. The dynamics, changeability of the water flowing by cause that angling becomes a real hunting. Angling on a lake, artificial lake or pond gives no such impressions. We will find a lot of places valued by the spinning anglers, shore anglers and sports anglers. The river bottom is mostly sandy. The sand driven by the water creates attractive hummocks or widespread shoals. Part of the
Vistula is also clamped with trims or groins which attracts fish and anglers.

History and sightseeing ...

A significant part of the middle section of the Vistula River is located in the Mazovia region, a land rich in architecture and art. It is precisely this region of Poland that has been the theater of many historical events that have shaped the fate of our country over the centuries. They were created by outstanding artists and architects, and created a variety of works that we can now explore and admire. The development of art was influenced by Warsaw's capital, which remained the artistic and cultural center of the region.


We are offering  charters of Vistula Cruiser 30 motor-boat equipped in Yamaha outboard engine 25 HP on the middle section of the Vistula river.

Charter from Marina in Płock. Charter from  5 PM Thursday to 10 AM Thursday.

The price of the charter is same as at The Wielkopolska Ring.


Recommended route for a week:

Thursday: handing over the yacht and training , sightseeing tour of Płock in the evening

Friday: cruise to Kępa Polska or nearby places ( there is a possibility of  staying on one of the desolate islands overnight), approximately 6 hours

Saturday: cruise to Czerwińsk- approximately 6 hours

Sunday: visiting a middleage town and a monastery dating back to 1115, later a cruise to Wyszogród (approx 1 h)- sightseeing the town (the Vistula Museum, cycling tours etc)

Monday: cruise to Płock (5 h), possibility of  a stop on the islands, Płock sightseeing tour

Tuesday-Wednesday: cruise on the Włocławski Lake with the possibility of stopovers in Murzynowo, Dobrzyń, Włocławek (sightseeing tour and visiting the biggest water lock in Poland), Dobiegniewo and many other places. Return to in Płuck on Tuesday evening or Thursday morning, approx 10 hours cruising in total

Thursday: 10 AM handing over the yacht


In total the recommended route requires approximately 28 hours of cruising



Friday and Saturday ( Płock- Czerwińsk) it is obligatory to cruise with a skipper. The skipper will set down the route on the hard to navigate part of the Vistula river, help in finding acommodation, give many practical tips about cruising, sightseeing and food (catering, where to buy best smoked fish, organization of bbq or fireplace). Additionally he or she will teach fishing and provide all the fishing equipment for those interested (100 zł/ 3 sets of fishing rods/per day).

The crew can cruise from Czerwieńsk to Płock independientely with the help of the GPS record from the opposite direction cruise. It is also possible to cruise with the skipper on this part.

The cost of skipper for 2 days is 300 PLN.

The possibility of cruising on each section of the river depends on the hydrological conditions and therefore we do not guarantee it will be possible to go through with the planned cruise route. We advise to find out about the current hydrological conditions or contact us before your holiday.


Recommended route for 2 weeks:

Płock- Czerwińsk- Wyszogród- Płock- Włocławek- Toruń- Bydgoszcz- Toruń- Włocławek- Płock

Approximately 400 km (60 hours)

The 2 weeks route is only possible to be cruised when there are good hydrological conditions. Moreover a skipper will be needed to acompany you through some parts. Before requesting the 2 weeks cruise it is necessary to contact us.