Site rules

Site rules

1. These Regulations governs your use of the website (after referred to as: Service), in particular the rights and obligations of the Service Users.

2. The website presenting the offer of Anwa-Tech Sp . o.o.

3. Service is provided by company Anwa-Tech Sp . o.o., located in 05-751 Sulejówek, 3-go Maja 89 Str., Poland (Creators of Service).

4. Use of the Website Users are required to comply with the provisions of applicable law, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and the rules of social conduct and good manners. Through the use of the Site You agree to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Regulations are available for all users of the Service at the internet address . Privacy Policy is available to all users of the Service at the internet address

5. The minimum technical requirements to enable the User to use the Service is a web browser newer than IE 7 installed Flash P layer.

6. You may not use the Service in any other way than through a web browser. You may not use the programs automatically receiving the contents of the Site without the written permission of the PC Service. You may not use the Site in a manner that causes overloading of the link.

7. Unless otherwise expressly stipulated, all rights to the Service and all of its components (including tracks and databases available through the Service) belong to the Creators of Service and are protected by law (including the copyright laws ). Use of the Website do not acquire any rights to the Service or its individual components. Service users can use the Site and its individual components (including tracks and databases available through the Service) only for personal use, unless their use in a wider range enables applicable laws or written consent of the Creators of Service.

8. The Creators of the Service does not guarantee users continuous and uninterrupted availability of the Service. In the event of a break or disruption availability of the Service You may not make any claim against the Creators of Service. Website creators do not assume any liability for loss caused by failure User Reviews of hardware, software, or circumstances beyond the Creators of Service and their removal from the Site.

9. The information contained in the offers and price lists published on the Site are indicative. In the case of non-compliance with the reality of this fact can not serve as a basis to assert any claim against the Creators of the Service. In order to verify that the information presented is accurate, especially when it is intended to take advantage of the offer published on the Website, you should contact the Creators of the Service via the contact form. Please report any irregularities in the operation of the Website, including incompatibility published with reality.

10. Service User should direct all correspondence and complaints on matters relating to use of the Service using an electronic form available on the website Service consider complaints within 7 working days of receipt of the complaint, however, this period may be extended by a maximum of 7 working days if the diagnosis of the complaint requires a longer time.

11. The law applicable to all legal relations arising from use of the Website is the Polish law. All disputes shall be resolved by the Polish courts.

12. The creators of the Website reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Amendments to these Regulations shall come into force and shall be binding on Service Users upon their publication.