2012 - Poland Trek with Belgian traveler Lou-Phi

2012 - Poland Trek with Belgian traveler Lou-Phi

We co-organize the Vistula Expedition of the Belgian Traveler - Poland Trek 2012

Vistula sailing participates as an organizing partner in a great expedition organized by Belgian researcher and traveler - Louis-Philippe Lonce - Expedition Poland Trek 2012. He wants to walk, pontoon and kayak as the first man to beat within 3 weeks the route from the southern border of Poland to Rysach, through Barania Góra, then Vistula River to the mouth of the Baltic. Our yacht will go along with the canoe, providing technical and logistical support for the expedition. Thanks to our rich experience in navigating the Vistula River, we take an active part in planning the route and organization of crossings during this difficult time of year, almost dry river, helping to meet the goals and objectives of the organizers. Below the info shortcut, more on www.polandtrek.com

Poland Trek - One-person trip from the Tatras to the Baltic Sea

From the top of the mountains to the sea: The first expedition in the world.

On May 7, 2012, the Belgian researcher and traveler Louis-Philipppe Loncke will start as the world's first expedition to cross Poland from its highest mountain peak to the Baltic Sea.

Overcoming this 1200 kilometer route will require the use of different travel techniques. Louis-Philippe will have to walk alone on a 150 km long mountain walk, cross 50 km using a rafting raft and canoeing the remaining 1000 km of the route. During this four-week expedition, local residents are invited to one day accompany Louis in his mountain rally or kayak trip.

The expedition will start climbing on Rysy. The next stage of the project is a trip to the northwest by the Tatra Mountains to Baranja Gora (1220 m), where the Vistula River, the longest river in Poland and one of the last wild rivers in Europe, is located. Then you will have to cross the Vistula River all over its length, ie 1047 km, to reach Gdansk and the Baltic Sea. The achievement of the goal is scheduled for about June 2 this year.

In order to meet the task, Louis will have to spend four weeks carrying his equipment and supplies, making every effort comparable to a marathon every day. The challenge for him will be to maintain the pace of his daily progress in 15 hours, while his body and mind will be constantly exposed to stress and stress. Every evening he will have to break his camp and prepare a meal. He is counting on his community to be interested in his project and is looking forward to meeting with the local people to learn about her lifestyle and habits.

Louis-Philippe Loncke Born in 1977 in Belgium Louis-Philippe Loncke is a versatile researcher and adventurer. He likes to face the challenge of being the first in the world to make