Manufacture and sales of motor-boats (Houseboats)

Manufacture and sales of motor-boats (Houseboats)

1.Motor-boat (houseboat) Vistula Cruiser 30 and Vistula Cruiser 30 S - New!!! Debut of the structure in 2016!!!

In our newly established boat yard we manufacture motor-boats Vistula Cruiser 30 of our own design and engineering. The boats' furnishing is tailor cut at our customer's request. Our extensive experience, gained step-by-step during the cruises along the Vistula so hard for navigation as well as other rivers and canals in Poland enabled us to meet the expectations aquatics lovers and build perfect boats to cruise along European inland and coastline waterways.

Welcome aboard of the motor-boat (houseboat) Vistula Cruiser 30
My target is to provide ordinary people, both aquatics lovers and those who have never had anything to do with water, with the opportunity to explore European inland and coastline waterways from the board of the houseboat, i.e. a motor-boat, easily operated, guaranteeing comfort and safety during the cruise plus lots of unforgettable impressions!
We are also pleased and proud to present the first Vistula Cruiser 30, designed and constructed in our own boat yard. My friends, Wiesław Białas and Bartosz Białas are the co-designers of the concept and main constructors of the boat. Our houseboat may be a perfect way to spend a family vacation, full of adventures.
Łukasz Krajewski
A pioneer of houseboating in Poland, the creator and owner of the Vistula Cruises

In order to move freely along inland waters, our boats are of relatively low draught and weight parameters with appropriately selected motors and ratio (so-called towing), at the same time, however they provide full comfort during the long travel - the standard facilities in addition to the WC and shower with hot water also include central heating, fully furnished kitchen with refrigerator, hot and cold water, TV set and DVD player. Each boat has comfortable places to sleep IN THREE INDEPENDENT, SEPARATE CABINS for seven adult people and cabinets to put clothes and personal things in. The large cockpit finished with the escutcheon is characteristic, providing security for family tourism, with little children in particular.

The cockpit is shaded by a roof protecting it against rain or sunshine, the roof simultaneously functions as a bicycle rack. In case of bad weather part or the whole cockpit may be protected by tarpaulin elements attached to the roof and deck.

Thanks to the large fuel and water tanks provided and capacious batteries regularly recharged during the engine's operation, the vessels are practically self-sufficient - therefore, instead of staying overnight in confined marinas, we may delight in wildlife during night mooring at a sandy river bank or an island.

For those wanting even more silence and tranquility we have found an innovative and environment friendly solution - the electric drive supplied by efficient batteries.


Vistula Cruises - the manufacturer of the Vistula Cruiser 30 houseboat invite you to chartered and test cruises in Poland in the Delta of Vistula near Gdańsk and around Elbląg along the Ostródzko-Elbląski Canal, and other locations.

Where you can charter and test Vistula Cruiser 30? (map of lacations)

In 2011 motor-boat Vistula Cruiser 30 named Dominika was cruising around Europe: Gliwice - Hamburg - Amsterdeam - Brussels - Berlin (about 3500 km) and in 2012 New Vistula was cruising Mid-Europe Tour: Gdańsk – Berlin – Prague – Kolin (about 2000 km)  ... more



3D Inside Presentation



Technical Details  
Overall length 9 m
Overall length (with the platform) 9,50 m
Beam over all 2,92 m
Height over the water line 2,95 m
Height over the water line without a roof 1,95 m
Height in cabin 2,00 m
Weight of boat 2 200 - 3 000 kg
Fuel tank 120 - 240 l
Water tank 420 - 800 l
Engine inboard/outboard 10 - 50 HP
Passenger limit - max 12
Draught 0,45 m
Design category C



2.VISTULA CRUISER 40 Superb Luxurious motor-yacht (12 m long) In Preparation

In our newly established boat yard we manufacture motor yachts Vistula Cruiser 30 and Vistula Cruiser 40 of our own design and engineering. The rich experience acquired step by step during the cruises along the Vistula, so hard for navigation, as well as other rivers and canals in Poland enabled us to meet your expectations and build perfect yachts to be used under such conditions The yachts' furnishing is tailor cut at our customer's request. We also design and build motor boats at individual orders. Our trading offer includes used motor yachts as well. 

For detail contact us at telephone number: +48 606 361704
Technical Details  
Length 12 m
Width 3,10 m
Height in cabin 2,10 m
Draught 0,55 m
Basic equipment
  • 2 large bathrooms (with marine toilet in each) and shower
  • spacious kitchen (dishes, pots, pans)
  • heating and hot water
  • radio, TV, DVD
  • water jetbow thrusters – built into the bow and stern
  • rear and side cameras and distance sensors
  • large fuel and water tanks
  • complete set of bicycles
  • complete set of ropes, anchors, scoops, buckets, warm sleeping-bags and blankets for all the passengers, plus a binocular.