Memories of Wisła Expedition with Mark Kaminski

Memories of Wisła Expedition with Mark Kaminski

Day 2

29.08.2009 (25 Km) Brzeźnica-Tyniec
The weather this morning was not very interesting, it was raining. Canoes driven by hot tea keep warm. Long wait in Borek Szlachecki for the funeral, after we went to Tyniec.

Day 3
30.08.2009 In Tyniec - spiritual day.
The weather is beautiful, the morning mist adds charm and the sun's rays penetrate to warm up the earth. We participate in Morning-Morning Prayer. After breakfast we set off for Krakow, kayaks stay until the next day and we and the participants of the expedition return to Tyniec here the evening prayer ends the day.

 Day 4
31.08.2009 Kraków
We spent the day in Krakow in search of silence. Morning prayer in Tyniec all tuneed accordingly. Cracow is a beautiful city and probably does not need to be persuaded by anyone, so it was a great pleasure to visit this city with the guide. We also had the pleasure of visiting Cardinal Dziwisz. Later we returned to Tyniec to attend the meeting with Father Leon.

Day 5
1.09.2009 (45 Km) Krakow - New Brzesko
We depart in the morning from Cracow. Carriage through the sluice Carriage, very hard to overcome tons of stones and lack of water at the exit. Our announcer Wojtek cares for everything and that is why he managed to swim without problems.

Day 6
2.09.2009 New Brzesko-Opatowiec.
As usual the weather is great, everyone is getting wind in the paddle and forward. Before us so. "Wolf throat" one of the many "surprises" on the trail, here you need to take special care. Maciek and Links, who were in one canoe, behaved too courageously, so their swimming ended with a canoe to the water, luckily nothing happened. We spent the evening in Opatowiec in a relaxed atmosphere by the fire.

Day 7
3.09.2009 Opatowiec-Połaniec.
Well, and we started to get big pays, it is difficult to flow under such conditions. So three times we kicked, kayaks can handle without problems under such conditions, but we need a little more water under the keel. We hope tomorrow will be easier.

Day 8
4.09.2009 Polaniec- Tarnobrzeg.
Today's day is interesting, sightseeing at the power plant in Połaniec, passing through another very unusual obstacle - a pipe raising water for the power plant and visiting the castle in Baranów Sandomierski filled us a lot of time. We are very tired and we are in Tarnobrzeg and there are so many attractions. The program of the city filled us all evening.

Day 9
5. 09. 2009 Tarnobrzeg - Annopol.
We continue on, on the way to Annopola we visit Sandomierz, extremely difficult conditions navigation under Zawichost, accommodation in Annopol.

Day 10, 11
Annapolis - Kazimierz.
We arrived in Kazimierz with little adventures, two participants of the expedition Adrian and Link went ahead, passing Kazimierz, it took a long time before they found, so it does not know Kazimierz J. The participants stayed at Albrechtówka distant about 3 km away. Next day we have a lot of fun, a guided tour of Kazimierz and a happening with the club Gaja. Positively tired we deserved to have dinner.

Day 12
8.09.2009 Kazimierz - Dęblin.
Departure from Kazimierz at 9 o'clock, it is a shame to leave this charming little town, but what must you move on. Only 32km ahead of us. It was one of the quiet days on the Vistula River. We arrived in Deblin early, someone told us not to stay moored to the shore because the natives were ravening and that is why we spent the night hanging in the dalb in the middle of the river.

Day 13
9.09.2009 Deblin - Wilga.
This race raises our vigilance, the lack of water in the river makes us very sensitive. On the way we pass sparrows known from the heavy passage. Of the attractions the TV crew rents a lift to shoot the film in advance. It took a few hours, so we reached the destination at dusk. On the bank of the river we were greeted by painter Leon Tarasewicz, coffee talkers lasted until late.

Day 14
10.09.2009 Wiga - Warsaw.
Very heavy stretch, 65km must overcome until dusk, we can not afford a lot of breaks, so the feeding time falls during the rainy season. They paddle almost constantly. We reached the port of Czerniakowskiego at dusk. We will spend three days in Warsaw.

Day 15, 16, 17
11,12,13.09.2009 Warsaw
Time spent in Warsaw is primarily a tour of the city, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, searching for wild life on the river Vistula. There was also a scientific conference in the sejm. The Vistula River flows through the Polish land, ie the Vistula through the eyes of ecologists. In Warsaw we exchange part of expedition participants. Ania, Kristian from Norway and Janek and Jurek from Belarus came. Everything that is nice to end quickly must go further. In front of us Zakroczym.

Day 18
14.09.2009 Warsaw - Zakroczym.
This is a beautiful stretch of the river on the way we pass Modlin, here from the helicopter film crew shoots photos, we arrive in Zakroczym evening, courtesy of the owner of the coastal property of Mr. Tom Kukułowicz. In the evening, in the villa, the Spirit knows the warm atmosphere of the dinner, the delicious grilled dishes and other delicacies of super potato pancakes.

Day 19
15.09.2009 Zakroczym - The Drolls
From the morning of beautiful weather until you want to swim. A few days before the Driwami, a few days before our departure, we are greeted by the hosts of the agrotouristic resort. Regional cuisine all tasted, fingers licked.

Day 20
Jokes - we are sadly Murzynowo.
As usual we start with breakfast, we do not see fatigue on the faces, all participants sit energetically in kayaks, we say goodbye to Mr. Mieczysław Duszyczek's host and move on. In front of us Płock, a short break for a meal and we continue down the Wloclawski Lagoon to Murzyn. Here the boat is left and the participants are entering the picturesque river Skrwa under the same accommodation center. Dinner on the air.

Day 21
17.09.2009 Cieszewo - Wloclawek
Today it will not be easy, almost 45km rowing on the "quiet" water. Stop in Dobrzyn all well done, in the early afternoon we flow into the dam of Wloclawek. Here we moor until the next day. In the evening we visit with Mr. Ing. A Polish barrier.

Day 22
18.09.2009 Wloclawek-Torun.
This section of the trail is nearly 55km long, yesterday was not easy, so today we have two additional passengers on the boat, whose bumps are not allowed to keep the oars, rest day will do them well. Today's evening is as picturesque as little when. The sunset reflects in the mirror of the Vistula water with its rainbow colors. Torun looks fabulous, somewhere in the distance you can see a friendly police unit, which sailed opposite us, bringing us to the winter harbor, here we moor.

Day 23
19.09.2009 Toruń.
Toruń - there are so many things to explore that day is definitely not enough · something you have to choose. The morning begins with the great fun of looking for stars. This fun allows you to quickly discover the most important sights of the city. Then we have a meeting with the President of the City of Toruń with Mr Michał Zalewski, there is an opportunity to throw the slogan about the lack of a harbor on the Vistula, promised to live, we will see. The evening was very fast, there was a planetarium, the film was impressive.

Day 24
20.09.2009 Toruń - Bydgoszcz.
Today we already know, God is watching over us, the weather we could so far we could only dream of, we must remember that it is mid-September and the temperature in the day does not fall below 20 degrees. We take a crew on the boat, another photos, interviews. The police unit is accompanied by a few kilometers, we bid farewell to Torun and continue on the road in front of us Bydgoszcz. The city is situated on Brda, a quiet river, very grassy so we decided together with Mr. Marek Kamiński on passing the entire section of Brdy on the so-called. In tow (we take kayaks to the lobby). We swim calmly, lazy. In Bydgoszcz, we are greeted by a guide with whom we share an electric tram together and we explore the city until late at night.

Day 25
21.09.2009 Bydgoszcz - The World.
We leave early in Bydgoszcz, take kayaks to the canal and ride down the Brda River to the dam, here participants take kayaks from us and on the way. On the way we pass Fordon. Rampage with TV, conversations. We enter the Świecie River by the river Wda. Congratulations for the very convenient mooring platform. We visit the Castle, it scare him! In the evening, talk by the fire.

Day 26
22.09.2009 The World - Grudziadz
After breakfast about 9th preparation to continue to Grudziądz. We are on a boat with small problems, because the first time the situation happened, the engine went out. On the other hand, Mark Kamiński before launch, launched a life vest and it was more fun because he told us that he had a dream tonight that this vest was not working. The weather is still beautiful, it is very clear how the landscape changes, the trees overlap with the autumn colors, finally, we have a calendar of autumn for two days. Sunshine continues to pamper us and let us continue to the end of the expedition. The road to Grudziądz is basically easy and pleasant, the city is far away and the closer we get to the destination, the more we notice a group of people, as President Grudziądza turned out to be. Robert Malinowski, scouts and residents of the city came out to greet us, nice. In the afternoon we had a brief "press meeting" while the evening we spent with scouts.

Day 27
23.09.2009 Grudziądz - Gniew.
Sad morning, because Adrian and Matthew leave us, we continue to swim in seven. This section of Vistula I like most. The river here is very wide and the places are terribly deep. We recorded with the echosonde about 12 meters deep and even terrible whirlwinds. On the way we pass the city New beautifully situated on a high slope, the sky in this place is covered with clouds that dance over us with a strong wind. In the village of Opalenie they scare the old pylons on the German bridge, they make an impression. We go further ......... to the destination we reached in the last rays of the sun and a warm meal eaten put us on our feet. Visiting the castle ended the day of the expedition.

Day 28-29
24-25.09.2009 Gniew-Tczew.
Beautiful day, sunshine, breeze dreamed of the weather and yet everyone in very good humor, finally found a long sought marshy turtle. Such a small bow to the turtles :) We sailed to Tczew we have about 30 km to beat. The wind was a little stronger and a little rocky. Tczew greeted us with great pomp, we were all pleasantly surprised. After the welcome ceremony, there was a camp with scouts, the singing was not over. Next day we also spent in Tczew, meetings, celebrations, discussions. Everything is nice and it's time for us to move on.

Day 30
Tczew - Sobieszewo
We know there was only one day of expedition, we want to show up on the Gulf of Gdańsk, so paddle in hand and forward. The bay turned out to be very elated, fluttering, that fear, uf. However, we do not surrender so easily, just as we have done after the bay a well-deserved honor. Such a small wedding with the sea. It is already a straight road to Sobieszewo.

Day 31
27.09.2009. Sobieszewo - Gdańsk.
Ending, the 31st day of the expedition, the last morning, the last breakfast, the last kayaking on the Vistula began. Last common mutation, talk. Recent photos, videos, relationships. That is why we travel slowly so as to stay together as long as possible. However, we arrived in Gdansk, all tired and smiling, happy to have succeeded. Gdansk is the destination at the end of the expedition.
Vistula Shipping, warmly thanks for the joint adventures and the Vistula getting to know each other, for more than a month of swimming: all logistics and logisticians from the water and land, drivers, suppliers, filmmakers, photographers, technicians. To all the Hosts of the towns and villages in which we visited. All the girls and boys who bravely crossed a kilometer per kilometer, paddling about 1000 km together.
Lastly, Mark Kamiński for the idea, realization and faith to the end.

 Thank you!