Memories of the expedition Poland-Trek 2012 - Tomasz Grzywaczewski

Memories of the expedition Poland-Trek 2012 - Tomasz Grzywaczewski

Thanks to its owner Łukasz Krajewski, we were able to discover the Queen of Polish Rivers on a comfortable motor yacht. The so-called. The King's gratifying hausboot has become our home for over three weeks. In spite of the small external dimensions, there are all amenities: kitchen, toilet, shower, electricity, comfortable bunks. We had a huge amount of film and photographic equipment with us, and we had no problems in the cabin without problems. In turn, a small immersion allows you to freely float to the shore and pass through low water areas.

However, the best part of Vistula Shipping is Łukasz Krajewski himself. The man who rides the Vistula river and other rivers is not only a business, but a great life passion. Passion he can infect others. Thanks to his great knowledge we learned more about the Queen of Polish Rivers than from any book or guide. Luke has friends in every village and town on the Vistula River. For his case we met many wonderful people who gave us an idea of ​​life on the river. And most importantly: for him there is no impossible thing. The guiding motto of the expedition has become "Yes, we can" - go wherever we do the best shots, stay in the palace, avoid obstacles.

On behalf of the entire film team: Natalie Hill, Michał Barylski and Bartek Ryzy, I can only say: "Lukasz, with your help we experienced a wonderful adventure. Without you we would not even find half of what we saw and filmed! Great, great thanks! "

Tomek Grzywaczewski

P.S. One more slogan for everyone considering the Vistula rafting: "This is madness !!! Madness ??? This is VISTULA !!! "

Tomasz Grzywaczewski - organizer of expedition logistics Poland Trek 2012. Educated lawyer and passionate traveler and reporter. If he was not sure, he would probably be working in one of the big law firms now. In 2010, inspired by the book "Long March" and the history of Witold Gliński, he organized the Long Walk PLUS Expedition - an expedition following a group of prisoners who fled from the Soviet camp in 1941 and reached Siberia from Kolkata in India. For half a year, on foot, by horseback and by bike, he traveled to Jakuja, Buryatia, Mongolia, the Gobi deserts, Tibet and the Himalayas. In 2012 together with the Belgian traveler Louis Philippe Loncke organized the expedition Poland Trek powered by Vistula Shipping - a trip about the forces of own muscles throughout Poland from the Tatras to the Baltic Sea.

He described his adventures in books "Through the Wilderness" and "Long March to Freedom". He produced reportages, among others. From Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Atlas Mountains. He co-wrote the movie "Long march 70 years later". As a journalist, From Wprost and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, he has published in National Geographic Traveler, Reader's Digest and Focus History.

Loves live performances. He has over 100 lectures including: TEDxWarsaw and Business Sopot Festival ("Business and passion").

He is passionate about creating and telling thrilling stories. Experience in storytelling is used in business and marketing, leading with Storytisers friends -

He hates routine, and feels best on the road when every day is a new adventure and challenge. According to Robert Frost, "There are two ways to choose the less frequented"