Memories of the expedition Poland-Trek 2012 - Lou-Phi

Memories of the expedition Poland-Trek 2012 - Lou-Phi

For me as a canoe, the size of the boat was literally perfect because I could meet the crew in practically every place on the river to replenish supplies (refreshments, drinks), charge batteries, or record scenes to movies.

Three times I was also drowned up the river to see interesting places that I simply overlooked by paddling.

And now that I have some knowledge of the conditions of the Vistula, I am convinced that there is no better way to discover it than just a cruise with the Vistula River. Kayaking is a challenge, but the Vistula is not a river for novices. In addition, for those who do not speak Polish in the same way, traveling in the company of an experienced Pole is a great holiday choice to experience this truly wild river.

Louis-Philippe Loncke

Vistula sailed as an organizing partner in a great expedition organized by a Belgian researcher and traveler - Louis-Philippe Lonce - Poland Trek 2012 expedition. He wants to walk, pontoon and kayak as the first man to beat the southern Polish border within 3 weeks. Rysach, through Barania Góra, then Vistula up to the estuary to the Baltic. Our yacht will go together with the canoe, providing technical and logistical support for the expedition. Thanks to our rich experience in navigating the Vistula River, we take an active part in planning the route and organization of crossings during this difficult time of year, almost dry river, helping to meet the goals and objectives of the organizers. ..... more at
Born in 1977 in Belgium Louis-Philippe Loncke is a versatile researcher and adventurer. He likes to face the challenge of being the first in the world to make trips in various parts of the globe, using sophisticated ways to accomplish them.

At the age of 27, Louis-Philippe had no idea of ​​the world of adventure until he was fascinated by the passion of diving he did not leave for a year's trip to Oceania. It was in Australia for the first time that he encountered a film devoted to solo and solo crossing the desert. Even then, he had not imagined that he would do the same two years later. Traveling through Tasmanian wilderness for 7 weeks, he gained recognition of the local population. Although the expedition ended completely exhausted, it was thanks to her that he formed a strong will and learned positive thinking.

In 2008, he became astonished by the Australian mass media, becoming the first person to cross the almost deserted Simpson Desert, the driest place in Australia. Since 2009, he has made several expeditions in the Everest Valley, Iceland and Australia, being the first in the world or acting for charity and environmental purposes, highlighting the role of water in nature and life. In 2011 he took a one-hour kayak lesson and a week later he started a 600-kilometer kayak trip around Belgium showing the beauty of the country and alerting to the phenomenon of water pollution.

Louis-Philippe has become one of the most respected travelers of his generation. His ability to prepare the expedition in a short time, while continuing his professional career, even surprises explorers. His passion for adventure goes beyond his own accomplishments. Therefore, he travels throughout Europe to meet other adventurers, share experiences, make contacts, and discuss new projects