Vistula Cruiser 30

Vistula Cruiser 30

In our newly established boat yard we manufacture motor-boats Vistula Cruiser 30 of our own design and engineering. The boats' furnishing is tailor cut at our customer's request. Our extensive experience, gained step-by-step during the cruises along the Vistula so hard for navigation as well as other rivers and canals in Poland enabled us to meet the expectations aquatics lovers and build perfect boats to cruise along European inland and coastline waterways.

 In order to move freely along the Vistula, our yachts are of relatively low draught and weight parameters (at the same time being the largest vessels capable of efficient navigation all along the river), with appropriately selected motors and ratio (so-called towing), at the same time, however they provide full comfort during the long travel - the standard facilities in addition tothe WC and shower with hot water also include central heating, fully furnished kitchen (dishes, pots, pans) with refrigerator, hot and cold water, TV set and DVD player. Each yacht has comfortable places to sleep (IN THREE INDEPENDENT, SEPARATED ROOMS) for 6-7 adult people and cabinets to put clothes and personal things in. The large cockpit finished with the escutcheon is characteristic, providing security for family tourism, with little children in particular.

The cockpit shaded by a roof protecting it against rain or sunshine. In case of bad weather part or the whole cockpit may be protected by tarpaulin elements attached to the roof and deck.

Thanks to the large fuel and water tanks provided, the vessels are practically self-sufficient - therefore, instead of staying overnight in confined boat-houses, we may delight in wildlife during night mooring at a sandy Vistula river bank or an island.

Moreover, each vessel is equipped with all that is necessary in water, including without limitation the complete set of ropes, anchors, scoops, buckets and blankets for all the passengers plus a binocular.

In 2011 motor-boat Vistula Cruiser 30 named Dominika was cruising around Europe: Gliwice - Hamburg - Amsterdeam - Brussels - Berlin (about 3500 km) and in 2012 New Vistula was cruising Mid-Europe Tour: Gdańsk – Berlin – Prague – Kolin ( about 2000 km) more

3D Inside Presentation 


# Characteristic Name / Value
1Design category:"C"
2Overall length [ m.]:9.00
3Overall length (with the platform) [ m.]:9.50
4Beam over all [ m.]:2.92
5Height over the water line [ m.]:1.95
6Height over the water line with roof [ m.]:2.95
7Height in cabin [ m.]:2.00
8Draught [ m.] :0.45
9Weight of boat [ Kg.] :3000
10Water tank [ L.] :800
11Fuel tank [ L.] :120
12Passenger limit - max:7

Engine version information:

  • 2 boats: NOWA ALEKSANDRA and MAGDALENA with outboard gasoline engine Yamaha 25 KM High Trust
  • 3 boats: DOMINIKA, NOWA VISTULA and VISTULA CRUISER 30 "S" with inboard diesel engine Craftsman/Vetus 27 HP and bow-thruster 

The galley and mess

  •  kitchen equipment

VC - basic

  •  Crampon
  •  Fire extinguisher
  •  First aid kit
  •  Lifejackets
  •  map and pilot-book
  •  Paddle / Paddles

VC - others

  •  12v Socket ( Automotive )
  •  anchor
  •  bedlinen (extra paid)
  •  Bimini
  •  blankets
  •  bow-thruster (only in inboard diesel engine version)
  •  bucket, brush, shovel
  •  Cockpit lighting
  •  Echo sounder
  •  Electrical connection port
  •  Gas cylinder
  •  Gas stove
  •  Heating
  •  Hot water
  •  Installation 230V
  •  Installing 12V
  •  pillows
  •  radio FM
  •  refrigerator
  •  ropes
  •  Sea Toilet
  •  Shower
  •  Shower in the cockpit
  •  sleeping bags
  •  Table in the cockpit
  •  Tachometer
  •  TV LED

Power and the Media

  •  Speakers in the mess

Sailing Equipment

  •  Insurance of the yacht and crew
  •  Lifebuoy
  •  Navigation lights
  •  Railings
  •  Reflectors on board
  •  Signal
  •  Steering wheel
  •  The stern ladder

Other equipment

  •  Battery charge indicator
  •  Fuel level indicator
  •  Water level indicator

After selecting the cruise dates that interest you please, call or e-mail us to confirm if such dates are available. Upon agreement we will send you two copies of the charter contract filled in and signed by traditional mail or e-mail. Please, sign and return one copy of the contract and make the down payment, then pay the remaining fee amount plus deposit by dates indicated.

Method of payment

  1. At the moment of booking (after receipt of your contract form from us), please remit 30% of the amount onto our bank account (the number is stated within the contract).
  2. Please remit the remaining 70% onto our bank account 21 days before the date of the cruise start, at the latest.
  3. Please remit the deposit [returnable after the cruise] onto our bank account 21 days prior to the cruise start, at the latest.
  5. Quotations for companies (integrating events) - please call us.
  6. We offer you LAST MINUTE prices, if only possible. Please, call us to receive our current Last Minute offers IT IS WORTH IT! The discounts are often gigantic!!!

All prices in EUR, include VAT tax ( 23% )

The cost of chartering a wholeyacht (max. for 7 people) 7 days (from Sunday 12.00 to Saturday 12.00) – start and finish in Rybina:

# Date from Date to Price for 7 days
1 2024-04-28 2024-05-04 1500.00 Euro
2 2024-05-05 2024-05-25 1100.00 Euro
3 2024-05-26 2024-06-22 1500.00 Euro
4 2024-06-23 2024-08-31 1700.00 Euro
5 2024-09-01 2024-10-05 1100.00 Euro

  • 2 boats: NOWA ALEKSANDRA and MAGDALENA with outboard gasoline engine Yamaha 25 KM High Trust
  • 2 boats: DOMINIKA and NOWA VISTULA with inboard diesel engine Craftsman/Ventus 27 HP and bow-thruster


  • The charteree pays 350 EUR deposit that will be returned after the cruise.
  • The Charteree shall bear the cost of: fuel, mooring fees in harbors (5-20 EUR/day) and car park for his car (35 EUR/week), optional skipper for 5 platforms on The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal 70 EUR