9. 2015 Expedition
Frnakfurt/Main - Nurnberg - Linz - Bratislava - Budapest 
22.10-14.11.2015 ca.1200km

2015 Expedition: Frnakfurt/Main (23.10) - Gemuenden (26.10)

2015 Expedition:  Gemuenden (26.10.) - Bamberg (29.10.) - Main/Men

2015 Expedition: Main-Donau Kanal / Kanał men-Dunaj (30.10.-1.11.) Bamberg - Regensburg

2015 Expedition: Dunaj / Donau - Regensburg (2.11.) - Passau (3.11.) 

2015 Expedition: Passau (3.11.) - Linz (4.11.) - Wien (5.11.) - Bratislava (7.11.) 

2015 Expedition: Brastislava (8.11.) - Komarno - Budapest (9.11.) 

Our expeditions


1. 2008 – Vistuliada with Wojciech Giełżyński

2. 2009 – Expedition with Marek Kamiński

3. 2010 – z ekipą filmu „Wszystko płynie”

Zapewniamy logistykę przy realizacji filmu WSZYSTKO PŁYNIE
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4. BOOTE MAGAZIN & VISTULA CRUISES 2011 EXPEDITION - Gliwice - Hamburg - Amsterdam - Brüssel - Berlin (ca. 3500 km) – houseboot VISTULA CRUISER 30 – Dominika

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5. Vistula Cruises supports as the organizational partner Belgian Explorer Vistula Expedition - Poland Trek 2012

Vistula Cruises supports as the organizational partner “Poland Trek - Louis-Phillipe Lonce - The Tatras Mountains to the Baltic Sea Expedition”. On May 7th, 2012, Belgian explorer and adventurer Louis-Phillipe Lonce will embark on the first human-powered summit-to-sea adventure by foot, pack raft and kayak across Poland, from the country’s highest summit to the Baltic Sea. On board of one of our yachts we will assist LouPhi and also help with logistics and navigation. Some info below, more on www.polandtrek.com
The project is a human powered adventure by foot, packraft and kayak between the highest summit of Poland (Mount Rysy, 2503m) to the Baltic sea in May 2012. The lowest point is at -1,8m and called Raczki Elbląskie, which I hope to visit as well.
The journey will start by climbing Mount Rysy, then hike North-west across the Tatras mountains to Mt Barania Góra (1220m), find the source of the Vistula (the longest river of Poland) and follow it to the sea. During the 4-5 weeks of the expedition I will also visit cultural places and famous cities along the way.
A documentary film about the journey to highlight the beauty of Poland, the cultural aspects and the people should be made. I hope to inspire and show also polluted waters to inspire preservation of the waterbodies and wildlife of the country. An educational program could use the expedition as edutainment and inspiration for the younger ones to understand and act for the preservation of our most important resource: water.

1) Sportive: Cover the estimated distance of 1200km from Mount Rysy to the Baltic sea, finish in Gdansk.
2) Discover and document: Visit a new country, new landscapes, enjoy the simple life in the mountains and on the river. Take photos and film to show later on in articles, exhibitions and documentary. Polish landscapes and culture will be inherently promoted.
3) Inspire to preserve: Water is the most precious thing we have on earth. Like the rain, I will start my return journey from the high mountains to the sea following the streams of water. I will also show trash & pollution along the way. We all can do something about it to preserve our environment and thus ourselves.

Why May?
May or May-June is the spring time and it means vivid colors, not as much rain as in the summer and still some snow in the mountains. The flow of the Vistula is about 30% more in May compared to August due to the melting snow. It will allow me to more enjoy the scenic views than paddling hard. Also temperatures are not too hot, which is good to avoid too much sweating due to the effort. 

Read more... www.polandtrek.com

6. 2012 Mid-EUROPE EXPEDITION Gdańsk – Berlin – Praha (ca. 2000 km) – houseboot VISTULA CRUISER 30 – Nowa Vistula

We are going to cruise along Central European inland waters this year. The start is in Gdańsk, then up the Vistula, we will go to Bydgoszcz. Having turned to the Bydgoszcz Canal, we will pass the locks on the Noteć River to finally reach the Warta and the Polish-German border on the Oder. We will pass a few dozen kilometers along the borderline Oder and here we enter the territory of Germany. We are going to cruise along the very busy Oder-Havel Canal (a lot of barges, mainly under the Polish flag), having passed an immensely interesting hydro-engineering structure – the boat lift in Niederfinow, we will reach a typically tourist trail of the Upper Havel that shall guide us through beautiful little towns and villages to the Lake of Muritz. Further, along the Muritz-Elbe Wasserstrasse we will enter the Elbe in the place called Domitz. Having passed more than a dozen of kilometers upstream, we will turn to the Lower Havel and thus reach Berlin. Our yacht, Vistula Cruiser 30 will be presented in the capital of Germany at the Boot und Fun Boating Fair between the 23rd and 28th November. We cordially invite you to visit our stand! Right after the event has finished we will return on water and cruise along the Lower Havel again and further along the canal to Magdeburg, where we will enter the Elbe and struggling upstream we will put all our effort to pass further kilometers. We hope that the river will be not frozen in December yet! We will pass Dresden and enter the Czech Republic where Josef Blecha our excellent friend and boating lover will join us. We will take a short trip to the Vltava in Prague on our way. Afterwards we will return to the Elbe and go straight to Kolin, the final destination of our cruise. We plan to be there on the 15th December. We hope to get there on time before Christmas. From this point our Vistula shall be hauled on a trailer straight to the plant where we will prepare her for the next season.













Expedition 2013

2013.10.07. Wisła (Weichsel) Rybina - Bydgoszcz

2013.10.25. Łaba (Elbe) Wittenberge - Hamburg

2013.10.28. UNSERE VISTULA hat ORKAN CHRISTIAN überlebt!
Am 28. Oktober befand sich unser Hausboot Vistula inmitten des gefährlichen Hurrikans „Christian”. In Cuxhaven wurden Windgeschwindigkeiten von 170 km/h mit einer Wellenhöhe von mehreren Metern erreicht, so dass der Rumpfes des Bootes weitestgehend zu weit aus dem Wasser gehoben wurde und somit keine Möglichkeit mehr bestand, den Motor mit Wasser zu kühlen, was einen Motorausfall zur Folge hatte. Nachdem das Boot mehrfach im Bereich der Einfahrt in den Nord-Ostsee-Kanal an die steinige Böschung der Elbe gedrückt und dadurch das Steuerruder beschädigt wurde, erfolgte eine Seenotrettung mit dem SAR Rettungsschiff, das unsere Vistula in den Hafen von Glücksstadt geschleppt hat. Die Vistula bewies ihre Klasse und Tapferkeit und überstand im Endeffekt den Sturm mit einem minimalen Schaden. Nach der schnellen Reparatur am nächsten Tag ging die Fahrt mit einer Routenänderung bereits weiter - Richtung Hamburg, Elbe-Seiten-Kanal undMittellandkanal. Aufgrund der schwierigen Bedingungen konnte leider keine fotografische Dokumentation erfolgen.

2013.11.07. Hamburg - Elbe-Seiten Kanal - Mittelland Kanal - Berlin


2013.11.24. Bootsmesse Berlin 21-24.11.2013


2013.11.27. Spree-Oder Wasserwege and Odra (Berlin 25.11.-Kostrzyn 28.11.)

Warta: Kostrzyn (28.11.) - Gorzów Wlkp. (28.11.) - Poznań (2.12.) - Konin (5.12.)


The end of Expedition - Konin 6.12.2013 - 9.00 h


8. TERAZ WISŁA – Expedition

Włocławek 10.10. - Puławy 16.10.

Puławy 3.11.2014. - Kraków 12.11.2014.