A navigable trail is a band of stream along a waterway where free and safe boat traffic of vessels with draught adapted to the depth on a given route section is possible. The length of the navigable trail of the Vistula, the trail starting from the estuary of the Przemsza near Oświęcim to the Baltic Sea (Przekop k/Świbna) is 942 km, while the distance to the harbor on the Motława in Gdańsk, it is 958 km. Starting the cruise in Cracow you should certainly deduct ca. 80 km from the figure.

From the point of view of motorboat tourism the Vistula trail cannot be classified within particularly easy ones. Except few water engineering structures, it has natural obstacles in the form of the bed with very uneven depth (shoals, sandbanks, islands and depths next to them), changing stream, strong wave, sudden water rises and sometimes also strong winds. This is, however, what decides on the Vistula beauty – the last wild river in Europe. Our skippers will see that you are comfortable and safe and you will be able to delight absolutely in the magnificent landscapes and hydrological phenomena...

It is entertaining to try to „read the river:” – it is a great fun for you and for a yacht skipper – normal routine activity, not without emotional touch…  After all, it is not driving a car on the highway!!!

In the river bed, on the banks, bridges and other facilities, navigation signs are placed, similarly to road signs. They demarcate the left and right side of the navigable trail, inform on details, warn of danger. Unfortunately, the signs on the Vistula are highly destroyed in numerous places they are outdated or simply put in a wrong location (the skipper must be prepared for overcoming such surprises).