My friends, real angling lovers, (I must admit I am not one of them) emphasize that it is only angling on the river that may give you real emotions. The dynamics, changeability of the water flowing by cause that angling becomes a real hunting. Angling on a lake, artificial lake or pond gives no such impressions.
We will find a lot of places valued by the spinning anglers, shore anglers and sports anglers. Near Połaniec and Kozienice power stations the discharge channel of the heated water creates additional attractive angling ground. The river bottom is mostly sandy. The sand driven by the water creates attractive hummocks or widespread shoals. Part of the Vistula is also clamped with trims or groins which attracts fish and anglers. The most frequent fishes caught here include: asp, catfish, zander, barbus barbus, bred carp, common carp, carp bream, pike, grass carp / black carp, chub, ide, roach, vimba vimba, nase, white bream, crucian carp, carassiums gibello, eel, silver carp (most often in the power plant discharge channel).
What people observe, especially the anglers, is absolutely confirmed by specialists, biologists and ichtiologists Numerous fishes occur all along the Vistula in the 21st century, what is more, they are fit for consumption without any objections.
Professional anglers would certainly take their own fishing tackle, while the amateurs and beginners can have the fishing rods provided aboard our yachts, you can use them as often as you want – and we wish you success in it!