The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal is immensely interesting in terms of hydro-engineering, with a globally unique system of boat transporting tracks . It is a structure with a rich history – designed by GJ. Steenke, a Prussian engineer, and built more than 150 years ago. As the extension of the Żuławy Ring trail it enables reaching the Jeziorak Lake as well as the towns of Iława and Ostróda or even further - Stare Jabłonki. On the way we will pass two narrow, almost miniature locks and the only tunnel in Poland located along a water trail – a really unique hydro-engineering structure. Moving along the canal by means of the tracks brings about a lot of emotions. On one of the canal sections, 9,6 km long, the boat is transported by five subsequent tracks on a special platform moving on rails. Thus it passes 2300 meters of dry, land covered with grass, being elevated together with the passengers on board on the height of almost 100 m. The particular fragments of the canal connect the lakes with crystal-clean water which is perfect for swimming. The shores are covered with beautiful, virgin vegetation. Lots of birds and forest animals are everywhere. A real paradise for wildlife lovers.